Faculty Interests:

  • Chris Hallett — Roman Art, Roman Sculpture, Aphrodisias (website link)

  • Duncan MacRae — Roman history; Roman religions; Roman intellectual history; Latin epigraphy; the cultural history of the late Roman Republican and Early Imperial periods. (website link)

  • Carlos Noreña — Roman History, Topography of Rome, Roman Numismatics, Latin Epigraphy. Research focusing on the history of the Roman empire, especially in the first three centuries CE. (website link)

  • J. Theodore Peña — Roman Archaeology, Roman and pre-Roman Italy, the ancient economy, ceramic analysis, material culture studies. (website link)

  • Lisa Pieraccini — Etruscan and Roman art and archaeology, wall painting, funerary ritual, food-ways, and the reception of ancient Italy. (website link).